Tom Borax is a founding member of the High Zero Festival of Improvised Music and a true OG-Baltimore-head who has been keeping this city weird for over 20 years. He is a prolific artist who has performed hundreds of shows in basements, warehouses, churches, yurts, backyards and caves.

His debut solo UVL offering features instrumentation on harpsichord, pipe organ, modular synthesizer, percussion, trombone and vibraphone. The album draws from a rich and varied sonic palette including ‘60s and ‘70s Italian Film Soundtracks, composers such as Morricone, Piero Umiliani, Egisto Macchi, Franco Battiato, Vintage Tape and Synthesizer music, Sun Ra, Arabic and Indian music, and Harsh Noise.

“My hope for my recorded music is that it conveys what I love about listening to music, the eclectic, playful, dreamy, spiritual, mysterious.” - Tom Borax, Baltimore 2021

Four color Risograph edition of 100.