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"Both pieces are composed/improvised in real time using a Buchla Music Easel and a TC Electronic Ditto x4 looper. Angya is a journey that follows sounds as they unfold into various sonic universes. Texture III explores creating an ever-changing timbral drone."- Todd Barton

"Its a clichè that every composer travelling to Bali must be influenced by the Gamelan orchestra. I am not the exception. There is a magic to the Gamelan that conforms with what electronic music is to me, both in sound and composition. Using Adam Morford's cut down version of the Gamelan, the rough but beautiful Gamelan Strips, I composed the first piece of this collaborative album. The second uses modular synthesizers to mimic the layering techniques of the Gamelan. The final track, Antics, explores a different but similarly influential idiophone, the African mbira. Together, these three tell a story of immersion and disintegration, folding percussive sounds into ambient timbres." - Hainbach

3 color Risograph. Hand labeled edition of 150 tapes. Download codes included.