Ultraviolet Light is proud to announce a split vinyl LP featuring three new tracks of exploratory music apiece by innovative electronic musicians Todd Barton and Hainbach.

Four decades into making music in conversation with modern classical, jazz, poetry, ancient music, new age, and the avant-garde, Todd Barton continues to craft sounds that know no boundaries. Berlin-based Hainbach’s side conjures a pulsing and immersive electronic landscape very much in conversation with Barton’s spacious and unfettered compositions. Taken as a whole, the album relocates us into a cerebral yet viscerally affecting cinema of orchestrated chaos and near-future noise.

This release continues Ultraviolet Light’s unique relationship with both artists. Todd Barton curated the artists featured on the label’s sold-old Buchla Now cassette; Barton and Hainbach’s first pairing was on a 2019 Ultraviolet Light split cassette.

The Hainbach and Todd Barton split vinyl LP will be limited to 300 copies.

Video created by Pam Anderson whose work can be explored here: instagram.com/windcruel.