"D.P. Elements is a collection of tracks originally conceived of as the follow up record to my LP Esstends-Esstends-Esstends. At the time I was producing this work I was completely obsessed with sound synthesis and was reveling in the materiality of sound as sound. I was spending hours listening to how different sounds reacted to one another as they rubbed up against each other.

I was living in a sort of shack on an artists colony in upstate NY. My little studio had no sound proofing and so everything I was working on would drift up to the main road that ran through the colony. Donald Fagen lived up that road and he would take walks past the shack. I'd see him walking by and think "hmm - I wonder what Donald thinks of this?"

Although these tracks are only now seeing the light of day as a whole (that is, as they were intended to be heard), over the years small fragments of this material has found its way into other projects of mine, including the Damaged Particulates LP released on Shelter Press in 2016 and Feel Anything, the duo record I made with Marina Rosenfeld that was released on iDEAL in 2018. " - Ben Vida, New York 2019. 2 Color Risograph edition of 150. Download codes included.